Jim Miller Continued

This page draws to a close an epic journey in life for one man from 1910 to 2008.  It has been an immense but enjoyable task to put this site together.  If it never draws the world attention which I am sure it will not then I can say that it has still been a worthwhile venture and has but back memories for me and given an insight into an interesting life even before I was born.

I have shed tears putting this site together but they have been tears of both sorrow and joy. I will now conclude the story with a few snippets starting with a video below which is explained beneath.

After a separation of 55 years my dad James Henry Miller meets his sister Margaret Kong (Nee Miller) in Australia on the Barry Crocker Show.  This occurred in 1982.

Post War (In Short):

  • Finds work at Talbot Steads
  • Assists in forming the local branch of the Dunkirk Veterans Association
  • Has two more sons, Peter 1963 and Tony 1964
  • Goes on many pilgrimages to Dunkirk
  • Finishes work in 1975 due to ill health
  • Visits sister in Australia (See video)
  • Records 6.5 hours of his life for the archives of the Imperial War Museum (Audio File Here)
  • Gets mugged at around age of 90 (not all things are good)
  • Continues in good health until he is around 97 when health fades rapidly
  • Sadly passes away in September 2008
Below is video I created to remember the life of James Henry Miller (Dad)